Drama Festival KL



  • RM10,000 and the opportunity to see your work on the Silver Screen (TV3 and TV9)
    RM10,000 dan peluang menyaksikan karya anda di kaca TV (TV3 dan TV9)


  • RM5,000


  • RM3,000

First place winner will be contacted directly by telephone and/or email before any public announcement is made.

All other winners and runners up will be contacted by email but please check the www.veedo.my website regularly for updates.

It can take as long as 4 weeks to process all the winners and runners up. There are many legal clearances and considerations so please do not contact VEEDO for confirmation until at least a month after the competition has formally closed.

You may contact us at contactus@veedo.my for any enquiries ;)


Short Drama Competition

  • YOLO (You only love once - versi normal)

    by:SEHA M'SO
Hi.. You have 10 votes per day. Use it wisely!


1. How do I upload my video?

You will need to upload your video file in a digital format (avi, flv, m4v, mov, mp4, wmv formats are all acceptable) We do not accept tapes or DVDs or anything that needs to be posted and received via snail mail.

2. Where do I upload?

You can upload your videos at the Upload tab within each competition page, as this will be linked to each VEEDO competition that you enter.

3. What is the maximum file size that I can upload?

We advise you to upload a file no bigger than 50MB. Larger video files will be rejected.

We understand that this could mean that you’ll have to upload a compressed video file, but if and when required, we will contact you for a larger resolution file should your video gets selected as a finalist.

4. What is the best format to shoot?

We suggest shooting in 30fps with a resolution of 640 X 480 (Standard resolution) for easier uploading to the Veedo website.

However we would recommend shooting in HD (25fps, 1920 x 1080) so that your video is ready for multiple screen viewing i.e. on TV, Websites and Mobile.

We do understand that HD files are large and as the maximum file upload size is only 50Mb, we ask that you keep a copy of the original HD file and upload a compressed version only. We will contact you for the bigger file should you be selected as one of the finalists.

5. What if I am judged based on poor video quality due to the small file upload?

All judges/brands are aware of the file size upload limitations and will not deduct marks based on the video quality. You will be judged on the effectiveness of your video concept / idea.

6. How should I upload my video treatment or any data work?

You can work on your video treatment in any format that you wish; i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, or any other software. However your work must be converted to PDF before uploading it to the VEEDO website.

7. How should I name my files?

Please avoid using special/international characters and keep the total filename (including extensions) below 20 characters.

8. What kind of videos are we supposed to create?

Video briefs will vary according to the needs of the brand. You may be asked to create a 30-second branded commercial, a music video treatment or even a 3-mins short to raise awareness for a cause or event.

Imaginative minds can explore the briefs given and make videos of their liking for brands of their choice.

9. What happens after I upload my video?

Once you have uploaded your video, it will go through the VEEDO encoding platform that creates standard judging formats.

You will then receive an email notification informing you if the encoding process has successful for your video; please note that this may take up to 1-3 working days.

During this period, you may be contacted to address any problems or questions we might have had during the encoding process due to your video file/format.

Once your video has been accepted, it will be dispersed to the respective judges of the said competition. The judges will be able to view the videos but will not place scores until the submission period has passed.

10. Who are my judges?

Competitions will be judged by the brand / clients themselves.

However, this will also depend on the nature of the competition and the brand objectives for the competition. There may be instances where a panel of judges may be assembled to judge on behalf of the brand. This will be done through VEEDO and will consist of prominent figures within the creative / media industry or even 'VEEDO MAKERS'.

11. How are winners notified?

First place winners will be contacted directly by telephone and/or email before any public announcement is made.

All other winners and finalists be contacted by email and do check the VEEDO website regularly for updates.

It can take as long as 4 – 6 weeks to process all the winners and submissions. There will be many legalities and considerations to be confirmed before the winner announcement. The judges’ decision is final and VEEDO has the prerogative NOT to entertain any emails or calls from participants who want to know their winning status until at least 45 days after the competition has formally closed, or until the stated winner announcement date.

12. Can I use my own music?

Yes, provided that it is clear of all copyright restrictions. You are allowed to use your own music, but do ensure that any sample used in your track is of your own creation and/or free from any and all copyright restriction.

Should you decide to use an existing piece of music, you are required by law to ensure that it is perpetually copyright free and fit for commercial use. Please check here to understand more about music rights.

We will request to see evidence of music rights clearance. Please check licenses and end-user agreements carefully as music rights are not usually transferrable or available for commercial use. Failure to show adequate proof of music rights clearance, as determined by us will lead to your submission being revoked at our sole discretion.

Some of the competitions under VEEDO will already have music supplied. We strongly suggest you use the tracks provided by VEEDO as we have taken the liberty to ensure that it is usable for the duration required. Each track has been cleared for its own competition therefore you are not allowed to use it for another competition (within VEEDO) or for any other purpose outside of the VEEDO competition platform.

13. Can I use third-party footage/photos in my video?

We recommend that you only use original footage that you have shot yourself or any footage that VEEDO has provided for the specific competition.

Footage from a stock collection must be paid for by you and must have a commercial usage licence that must be shown to VEEDO upon request. Upon winning, if you fail to provide us with evidence of commercial usage license, your winning submission will be revoked. Please check here to understand more about visual rights.

14. Who pays and clears for the talents used in my video?

All actors and talents used in your video entry will have to be paid by kind self. You will also need to ensure that they have agreed to allow their imagery to be screened in your videos across multiple platforms locally and internationally for all perpetuity.

15. Can I film at a store or in a public place?

VEEDO and the competition sponsor cannot provide any permission to film in any store, office or other private property. You will need to obtain a location release and permission letter yourself.

You will need to seek permission from the local authorities before attempting to do any filming and ensure that whatever or wherever you shoot is free from commercial rights.

16. Can a team or a group of friends submit a video?

Yes. However, at the moment, our VEEDO platform is not able to support multiple named entries so please choose a key person to represent your team as the video uploader and main contact person.

All emails from us will go to that key person.

As most prizes were designed for the individual rather than a collective, it will be your own responsibility to ensure how the winnings are distributed amongst team members. We will not be responsible for any discrepancies between group members.

17. What happens to my video after the competition?

VEEDO will own the full rights to your video once the video has been uploaded onto the VEEDO website for competition submission.

If you wish to re-use your video elsewhere, you will have to get a written approval from VEEDO.

The video can and might be used as promotional materials across all Media Prima Berhad platforms for a period of 6 months from when the winner has been announced.

If the client / brand wishes to use your video for commercial purposes elsewhere beyond the VEEDO competition, VEEDO will help to facilitate a new agreement and/or discussion between both parties. We seek to ensure that our talents (individuals or groups) who have created videos for the brand are always protected and compensated accordingly.

For any other enquiries, you may write to contactus@veedo.my